History will stand testimony to the vile political vendetta that the largest democracy on earth visited on a fledgling party that won a historic 67/70 seats in a historic victory in Delhi.

mission kejriwal political vendetta of bjp

We will look back with shame that a man with an enviable national mandate to a PM’s seat with the privilege of indulging in his most luxuriant fantasies of rich food, clothing and travels could be petty enough to embark on a malicious tirade of coersion to eliminate an opponent who has the power of governance over a tiny glorified municipality by their own description.

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For all those who are jeering over Kejriwal’s fears of being knocked off, perhaps by some innocuous truck turning a corner exactly where his car is cruising perchance, let us admit we have all had such fears for all whistle blowers, people who speak up without fear or favour, people who take on the rich and powerful and those who walk the narrow thorny road not taken. They often reflect our own despicable cowardice in turning the other way when confronted by wrong doing.

In the light of the spate of unfounded arrests of AAP in a country where a third of the parliament has hard core criminals with pending cases, which lets actors with mafia backing off the judicial hook, which allows the passage of corporate crooks get past the wicket gate carrying 60 bags on an ironic Rajya Sabha immunity with nary an apparent sham of an attempt to get him back, where the enemy himself is invited in to inspect sensitive bases to prove their damned innocence, where murderers roam free and rapists go missing, where the anti nationalist is a sloganeer and not one who doctors death through poor roads, bridges and death knells in everyday travel.

Where farmers end their lives like flies and poor Dalits are beaten, maimed and humiliated for their suspected eating habits…..
In such a country where forgiveness for the criminal is legendary, where the rich saunter to a different set of rules, where political victories are akin to obliteration of alleged or proven past misdoings, we witness an alacrity, a feverish haste, a rabid urgency to hound one party and its cadres with habitual arrests.

Recently these arrests have resembled an avalanche with a rapidity that actually immunes you to the shock of its unabashed vindictiveness as all repeated injustices tend to do, when they enter the realm of statistics. We begin to do a head count!

The other great Indian trait is to have short memories. Perhaps it is our size, or climate, or travails of our daily grinds, or the fickleness of our watchdog media, we have no follow ups on these arrests. Hence after the first impressions of shock delivered through images and insinuations of crime and corruption, we have no idea what happened after. Media has moved on and is loathe to report happy endings.

There is of course no consequence for cops who arrest without evidence except a little rap on the knuckles by the judge. If this is the way it is in all lands that boast of democracies it is important we change this practice in the cause of justice. During the time of Emperor Akbar, the punishments given to officers in power was double that of ordinary men. It might be a good practice to emulate, not only keep cops vigilant about the truth but also to revolt against powers that influence this truth from a high command by naming them.

So here is a list of the AAP arrests and their consequence so that you are informed before you choose to condemn and jeer.

AAP MLA dinesh mohaniya arrested

At the pain of being a contributor to whatabouteries, I must ask you to mull over parallels you are likely to find across parties in the history of independent india to such arrests of both people in office and circumstances of arrest.

This is the complete list of AAP MLAs taken from the net, of who have been arrested till July 26th, 2016.

  1. Prakash Jarwal: Arrested for a day in 2014 for allegedly thrashing a Junior DJB engineer in 2014. Case has gone stagnant since then. Latest case against him was on July, however thanks to the court (No action against AAP MLA Prakash Jarwal till July 18: Court) he has not been arrested again.
  2. Naresh Yadav: Arrested by Punjab Police because the VHP guy who burned Quran in Punjab told Police that this MLA from Delhi asked him to.
  3. Dinesh Mohaniya: Arrested (while he was doing live Press Conference!) for allegedly molesting a woman. I saw the video of molestation which TIMES NOW aired. This guy was not in the video at all. Later bail was granted because court:
    * observed no purpose would be served by keeping him in judicial custody because the investigation was almost complete.
    * took into consideration the arguments of his counsel senior advocate HS Phoolka that there was a violation of procedure and law by the police authorities
  4. Jagdeep Singh: Arrested (?) because a waste management company accused him of assault. Some locals approached the complainant, Mohit, a manager with a waste management company, for a truck to be used for Shab-e-Barat. After Mohit declined, the locals forcefully took over the truck, which led to an argument. The MLA had intervened on behalf of the locals on which Mohit filed a complaint against the MLA. After being let off briefly following complaints of high blood pressure, the MLA was called back to the police station for bail formalities
  5. Mahendra Yadav: A 3 year old was raped and Delhi Police was hesitant ofregistering a casefor whatever reasons. When the locals and the local MLA protested, a case or rioting was registered against the incumbent MLA and he was subsequently arrested. Later he released on bail.
  6. Akhilesh Tripathi: He was arrested for a case of 2013 for allegedly using his influence over PWD officials to allow illegal use of a government flat. The case was eventually dismissed Court rejects complaint against AAP MLA Tripathi
  7. Somnath Bharti: He was arrested for alleged domestic violence. Later the court granted him bail. In the bail order, the court observed (Domestic violence case: Bail for AAP MLA Somnath Bharti, clean chit for his dog Don):
    * The canine, accused of attacking Lipika, does not respond on his command.
    * It “finds no medical evidence” in support of the incident of alleged wrist slit and added medical records only mention about “old cut marks but no external injury”
    * No purpose is going to be served by keeping the applicant further in custody
  8. Surinder Singh: Read How far is the arrest of AAP MLA Commando Surinder Singh justified?He was eventually released on bail and the court observed political vendetta.
  9. Amanatullah Khan: Arrested because a woman file a complaint that she was harassed and threatened by some AAP worker due to orders of the MLA.
  10. Jitendra Singh Tomar: He was arrested because of producing supposed fake education credentials. Even the RTI that he gave to Delhi CM came out to be fake. He was fired as the Law Minister and arrested by the Delhi Police. Right now he’s on bail, however the Delhi Police has not produced a charge-sheet till now, although it has been more than an year of his arrest.
  11. Manoj Kumar: Although multiple FIRs are there against him, he has been arrested on the charges of land grabbing. He was arrested on July 2015 and subsequently released on bail after the court observed that “the case was based on documentary evidence and there was no chance of its tampering by the accused”

There is also FIR against the DCW Swati Maliwal. This is a testimonial of her by a retired government officer who has worked at Vigilance department for 34 years. Here is Swati Maliwal during the Nirbhaya protests:

This is her work till Dec 2015, as DCW
1. DCW chief Swati Maliwal proposes using Nirbhaya Fund for putting up CCTV cameras across city
2. DCW chief Maliwal writes to LG Jung, urges meeting of women safety panel
3. DU has no data of sexual harassment plaints in colleges: DCW
4. DCW serves notice to AIIMS for ‘negligence’ in treating ‘raped’ minor
5. DCW notice to Railways
6. DCW chief Swati Maliwal visits wedding in demolished Shakur Basti, donates Rs 51,000 on behalf of AAP
7. Notify thana-level committees: DCW Chief to Lt Governor
FIR was filed on her, when she sent a notice to Delhi Police who were not arresting the rapists and murderer of a 14 year old girl, who first raped her, then again raped her and then fed her acid which led to her death.

There is more harassment this young party in power has been subjected to:

1.Action against Delhi MLAs
2. Action against DCW
3. Interrogation of water minister and not of Sheila Dixit in the water tanker scam
4. Snatching away of Delhi ACB for the first time in 40 years.
5. Killing the anti corruption helpline 1031.
6. 5 BJP sponsored MCD strikes
7. No mosquito fogging by MCDs in 2015 which led to the biggest Dengue outbreak and many deaths in Delhi
8. Raids on Delhi CMO – Was the CBI raid on the Delhi Secretariat a flop?
9. Repeated Null & Voids by the Delhi LG.
10. Taking good 10–12 months to send 14 bills back!
11. A hostile LG who went on to say : I am the government.

This article was originally posted by Usha Pandit on her Facebook

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